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Hi, I’m Dr. Joanette Claridge-Weisse, MD, the founder of Emotional Social Parenting with a neuroscience perspective. I have spent nearly 30 years as an ER Doctor and part of that time as a clinical associate professor in Emergency Medicine. For thirteen of those years, I worked in a large urban hospital as a pediatric ER doctor caring for kids experiencing medical & emotional trauma and crisis. It was here that I had numerous opportunities to observe how the different parenting styles affect a child’s ability to tolerate difficult emotions.

My work in the Pediatric ER drove me to want to understand better the neuroscience of emotions, feelings, and the social development of kids. This desire inspired me to delve deep into the neuroscience of the developing brain and body of our children. This study led me to develop a neuroscience-based model for parenting and helping parents be cycle-breakers. I call this method, Emotional Social Parenting or ESP.

I am a grandmother of five grandchildren, a mother of four children, and the international best-selling author of the Giggles in my Heart children’s book series about big emotions and feelings.

Since 2020, my team and I have been working to bring to you the latest neuroscience parenting content, which comes from my many years of research and work with families.

Our intention is to give you a roadmap for brain-based parenting to help you better understand the neuroscience behind how to raise happy and successful kids.

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