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Published Works

About the Giggles in my Heart Series

The Giggles in my Heart series of children’s books teach emotional, social parenting (ESP) as they teach children about their emotions in a fun and fantastical way. The rhyming style of these books is a favorite of young kids.  Children learn to manage their big emotions – fear, anxiety, sadness – with practical and relatable ideas.  Learning social skills of kindness, giving, self-belief, and gratitude is fun when taught through mythical characters – Unicorns and Monsters. These first three books are just the beginning of this ESP series for children and their parents.

Book 1 : Giggles in my Heart

“The answer is real, it’s in how you feel”

The first book of the ESP – Giggles in my Heart series packs a lot of wisdom into this upbeat and poetic story about overcoming fear by understanding our thoughts and emotions. What at first seems like a monster turns out to be something far less scary when brought into the light.  A little love and a few giggles show the reader that we can all learn to engage our emotions more constructively.

Book 2 : Little No Horn and Shae

“I go on a strong wish and belief”

The second book of the ESP – Giggles in my Heart series follows the adventures of Little No Horn and Shae in this story of adventure, which teaches the importance of believing in yourself, caring for others, being generous, and loving.

The reader gets to ride alongside Little No Horn, a special unicorn who bravely travels to a faraway land, “on a strong wish and belief,” of a little girl. In so doing, he brings joy to a little girl’s life. Even though he is scared, he knows in his heart that he must go because someone needs him. He arrives just in time for Christmas to give Shae a truly magical and meaningful gift.

Little No Horn and Shae

Book 3 : The Gift

“I am as real as real can be”

In this continuation of the ESP – Giggles in my Heart series, what first appears to be a big disappointment for Shae soon turns into one of the happiest moments of her life! With great anticipation, she unwraps a shimmering box on Christmas morning only to find a toy unicorn instead of the real horse she desperately wanted.

Shae never gives up on her dream of a real horse as Little No Horn struggles to show Shae that he’s “ as real as real can be.” Finally, her dream comes true when she makes a wish that brings him to life! He brings a rainbow of colors and light to Shae’s life and, of course, giggles to her heart.


Little No Horn and Shae

Learning Kits

These learning kits are a valuable addition to the Giggles in my Heart series of books.  Each kit includes more than 25 pages of activity sheets. Your child has fun completing puzzles, mazes and playing games while learning about their emotions and improving their social skills.  Educators, these learning kits are designed with you in mind as well.  They come with a weekly guide of daily lessons and a teacher’s (or parent’s) supplement that includes discussion questions and suggestions to help your kids learn how to identify, understand and regulate their emotions.  Each book has a supplemental learning kit designed for ages 3 – 5 or ages 6 – 8.