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Emotional Social Parenting (ESP)

What are Learning Kits?

Learning about emotions and helping kids replace their fears and anxiety is fun with the Giggles in my Heart Learning Kit. This kit will bring joy and giggles to the hearts of kids, parents, and educators. Children ages 3-5 will improve their reading and writing skills as they learn about emotions and complete the different daily activity worksheets.

Thank you for being a part of our ESP community.

Super Learning Kits Bundle

Age group: 3 – 5 years old

This kit includes:

One month of daily lessons/activity sheets about overcoming fear and anxiety. WOW,
there are 41 activity sheets total!

Two Paper Bag Puppet Crafts:

The Paper Bag Puppets can be used as a conversation starter about fears and a start to your very own Paper Bag Puppet collection!

Teach kids to identify what they are feeling and how to process these feelings. You can start by
creating a feeling vocabulary for your kids. Think about a list of feeling words that are important in
your family/class. You may already use feeling words that you want your children to become familiar
with and comfortable using.

Super Learning Kits Bundle-Giggles3-5
Super Learning Kits Bundle-Giggles3-5
Giggles in my Heart Learning Kit

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