These Paper Bag Puppets will give your Kids hours of fun.

Your kids will love these four inspiring puppet characters from the “Giggles in my Heart” series of children’s books.  Coloring and creating, and playing with Little No Horn, Giver, Shae, and the Monster puppets will give them hours of independent play and fun.  The puppets will make the stories even more vivid in the minds of your little ones.  The puppets, books, and learning kits are based on the neuroscience behind emotional social parenting and teach the skills necessary for developing emotional connections and functioning social relationships. 

 You already know that once they have one puppet, they will want them all, so why not get all 4 of them in an advantageous bundle. Get the Super Puppet Bundle at one super low price and bring the characters to life in the most fantastic way. 

                       GIVER PUPPET

With hopeful eyes, a magical golden horn, and amazing rainbow hair, the Giver Puppet is a lot of fun to color. The story of Giver from the “Giggles in my Heart” book series for kids allows parents to teach children how to understand their feelings. 

Longing to dance, prance, and run, all that Giver ever wanted was to be a real horse. Giver wished to be seen and appreciated, and he was, eventually. Does your kid feel a bit like Giver too? Teach them how to understand and regulate their big emotions through Emotional Social Parenting™ (ESP) by spending quality time with them. 

 Get this inspiring Puppet already colored, or in black and white so your kid can color it while learning about empathy! Remind your kid that they should never stop dreaming and wishing. They can be anything they want to be and more!  


Quiet, shy, full of dreams and big emotions, Shae Puppet, can melt your heart with her sweet eyes and loving soul. 

With marvelous dark eyes and dark hair, Shae is a central character in the “Giggles in my Heart” book series for kids. She believes in magic and trusts the wand she has from her mom, which always brings light to her heart. Shae is ready to be your child’s friend and give love. 

Make her a part of your child’s life with the books, learning kits and this beautiful puppet that you can color at your own pace or get already colored. Connect to your kids’ hearts through Emotional Social Parenting™ (ESP) and teach them how to feel and show empathy for others and manage their big emotions. 

Have fun while trying to get the tiny details right and get to know Shae better. Maybe your kid is the magical unicorn for whom Shae is calling.



Who said monsters couldn’t be friendly and loving? The Monster of fear is always somewhere around, but he can become a caring friend that keeps harm at bay. The Monster Puppet holds more love and other big emotions inside his heart than you may think. It’s amazing what a little love and a few giggles can do even to a monster. 

The Monster Puppet can be brought to life with your child’s coloring skills and be the perfect way to teach your kid how to handle fear and other emotions. The monster puppet will help you prepare your child for a happier, more peaceful life through the practice of emotional social parenting™ (ESP).  Get this puppet along with the books and learning kits from the “Giggles in my heart” book series for kids. The monster comes already colored or your child can color it. Remember to show him a bit of love, and he’ll get the fear out of your child’s way and even help them get what you want.


 Extremely cute and very brave, Little No Horn is an inspiring and friendly adventurer from the “Giggles in my Heart” book series for kids. 

 A unicorn born with no horn, teased by other unicorns, Little No Horn learns that it’s ok to be different. Even though he’s sometimes scared, he knows that fear and other big emotions are just feelings, and he must follow his calling. 

 Little No Horn is learning how to give as much love as possible and care for others. He finally understands the power of love and generosity and listens to his intuition to conquer his fear and bring joy to a child in a far-away land. 

 Bring him to life and color his enchanting puppet yourself with your child. Connect at a deeper level and use Emotional Social Parenting™ techniques to help your child understand, define and regulate their big feelings. 





Each Puppet priced at just $4.99 per puppet kit.


Super Puppet Bundle is just $14.99



WOW, you get a free Puppet when you purchase all four together.