Teddy Only Want Spaghetti Coloring Page by S.R.D. Harris

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Coloring Page Teddy Only Want Spaghetti by S.R.D. Harris is an activity your kids will adore.

Those sheets are fun, educational, and safe. Best of all, you can have them downloaded to your computer in a matter of seconds! In this activity sheet, your kid will draw feelings.

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Listen to ?.?.?. ?????? reads her book ” ????? ???? ????? ?????????”. The juvenile fiction story is about a young boy who only wants to eat spaghetti. His father cooks wonderful meals. His Grandmother takes him out to dinner. His mother makes amazing spaghetti and meatballs, and that is all he ever wants to eat! Teddy makes a very special wish on his eighth birthday and, after a trip to the doctor, learns how to incorporate variety into his life. Have you ever been obsessed with a favorite food or treat? Teddy sure does LOVE spaghetti! It is all that he ever wants to eat! But is too much of a good thing really good for you? Find out what valuable lesson Teddy learns in this fun, rhyming story, filled with an unexpected twist! If you liked the video and would like to be notified of future readings with ??.????????, please subscribe to the channel and ring the notification bell. Don’t forget to like, comment, and share this video with your friends and family.

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