Super Mega Bundle Learning Kits – Six Kits


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The BIG FEELINGS MEGA BUNDLE is the easy way to help your kid understand their big emotions and build confidence every time.

Is your kid struggling with anxiety, shyness, temper tantrums, and big emotions?  If you’re trying to help but still struggling to get results and going through heartbreaking moments, this Big Feelings – Mega Bundle Learning KIt will give you a clear and easy-to-learn method that works.

Stop being a bystander when big feelings take over your kiddo. With the right tools and techniques, you can turn every moment of big emotions into an opportunity to build more confidence.

It’s easier than you think. You now have the chance to shape the courageous, emotionally mature, and confident adult that your kid can become. 

Receive all the help you need! Learn how to be proactive and get your child to grow emotionally and socially with fun activities. Getting over anxiety and building courage becomes easy when you know what to do. Teach your kid one of the most important skills they could ever learn. 


It all starts with helping your kid identify what they are feeling. You’ll then create a simple vocabulary for them and apply the specific techniques that will help with processing those feelings.

The Big Feeling Mega Bundle is a total of all six learning kits in one great big bundle with a family-friendly price.  There are three kits for ages 3 to 5 and three similar kits for ages 6-8.  I created this bundle of huge savings for families with multiple children.  There are a total of three months of activities for each age group.  Each month’s kit includes a parent/teacher/ therapist guide full of detailed instructions, insights, and information. I’ve made this easy for you. This book and learning kit will help you:


Get Kids Talking About Their Big Feelings and Give Them Ideas and Solutions.

  • Teach them to be present and live in the moment with powerful mindfulness activities.
  • Move your child out of the Fight and Flight mode and into the Rest and Repair mode with calming techniques. 
  • Empower children to reframe negative thoughts and flip them into positive ones.
  • Gently regulate your child’s emotions with ideas and suggestions.
  • Build confidence from the inside out. 
  • Give your child a growth mindset. 

If you want to teach your kids how to acknowledge, accept, and get over anxiety while feeling calmer and more confident, this learning kit is a must-have. 

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Fun Notes:

  • For Puppets, I recommend printing on thick card stock paper.
  • I recommend printing out and putting the  worksheets, activities, and coloring pages in a three-ring binder for Easy Peasy
  • Some of the kits have memory and matching games.  I recommend laminating games and game pieces.