What Inspired Me.

I’m Dr. Joanette, the founder of Emotional Social Parenting, with a neuroscience perspective. I have spent more than 30 years as an ER Doctor and part of that time as a clinical associate professor in Emergency Medicine. For thirteen of those years, I worked in a large urban hospital as a pediatric ER doctor caring for kids experiencing medical & emotional trauma and crisis. It was here that I had numerous opportunities to observe how the different parenting styles affect a child’s ability to tolerate difficult emotions.

At the beginning of the Pandemic, my granddaughter was listening to me talk about the COVID virus and asked the heart-wrenching question. “Dr. Grammy, are you going to die of the COVID virus.” I am an ER Doctor in New York and was on the frontlines taking care of very sick COVID patients. Her fears were real, and I wanted to find a way to reassure her.

I was inspired to write a book for my granddaughter, Giggles in my Heart, to help her not to be afraid.  After I wrote that first book, I realized there are many BIG emotions, feelings, and ideas that kids need help in understanding. 

My work in the Pediatric ER inspired me to want to understand better the neuroscience of emotions, feelings, and the social development of kids. This desire inspired me to delve deep into the neuroscience of the developing brain and body of our children. This study led me to develop a neuroscience-based model for parenting and helping parents be cycle-breakers. I call this method Emotional Social Parenting or ESP.

I continue developing additional materials and resources for you and your kids. I’m inviting you to follow my blog to stay up to date. Though I am a physician for my patients, please remember I may not be your physician. Therefore, please be sure to review all the information my team and I provide you with an educational and informational lens only. Always consult with your healthcare providers for your children’s specific and unique needs.