Meet Dr. Joanette

Hi!  I am Dr. Joanette.

Today’s family needs are different than ever before. Parents juggle multiple interests at home while navigating potentially stressful interactions with their children. They are sharing, or reversing, traditional roles and responsibilities of parenting while working one or two jobs. They strive to be the best parent possible and raise children as resilient, self-confident, and successful adults. 

The sense of exhaustion is real. The feeling of not having enough patience is normal. Many parents can resonate with the thought of “can I make it through another day?“ You are not alone.

Neuroscience can now provide the roadmap that informs and guides your parenting decisions.

Welcome to Emotional Social Parenting. 

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Emotional Social Parenting is our connection to our children’s mind and hearts that teaches our children how to feel and show empathy for themselves and others. We teach and model the emotional and social experiences that integrate their brain as they grow and develop. These brain patterns can help them approach the world with openness, resilience, empathy, and authenticity.

The Kids Korner is designed just for you!

The Giggles in my Heart series of children’s books are the first ESP resources created for your kids. These books will teach your kids about managing their big emotions while building self-confidence and resilience. 

Don’t forget to pick up your copy of the books from the Giggles in my Heart series.