Art pages for Antiline’s Brave Adventure By Ms. Fern Nissim

Antiline’s Brave Adventure By Ms. Fern Nissim

Art Page for Antiline’s Brave Adventure By Ms. Fern Nissim is an activity your kids will adore.

Those sheets are fun, educational, and safe. Best of all, you can have them downloaded to your computer in a matter of seconds! In this activity sheet, your kid will draw feelings.

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Join us as Ms. Fern Nissim shares her 2nd book “Antiline’s Brave Adventure”,  Everyone has a story, including Antiline the Ant.

Antiline’s True Discovery is created as a conversation starter, an opportunity to pursue discussions with young children about accepting themselves and others for their differences. It promotes tolerance and compassion by teaching the important basic skill of just listening to the stories and backgrounds of others. Meet this brave little ant that realizes her life should be more than servitude. She has found her freedom but it’s not enough. Now she is on a search to find out more about herself and in the process realizes that there is more to life than your own personal story. Everybody has a story about themselves and learning about your own and others is the best and quickest way to break down barriers, understand, connect and have compassion for others.