Dr Joanette

What is Emotional Social Parenting™(ESP),
and why is it important?

Emotional Social Parenting teaches our children to understand and regulate their emotions through our connection with them. When parents teach their children how to identify, understand, and begin to regulate their feelings/emotions constructively, they lay the foundation for healthy communication within the developing brain, and with the heart and body.  Emotional Social Parenting teaches our children to be strong from the inside out, setting them up a life of successful relationships with meaning, connection, and happiness.

Our connection to their hearts teaches our children how to feel and show empathy for others. We model the emotional and social skills that may help them approach the world with openness, resilience, empathy, and authenticity. This approach to the world helps them establish and maintain supportive relationships and make responsible and caring decisions. This is why Emotional Social Parenting™ (ESP) is essential for our kids and ourselves.


The History of ESP

(Emotional Social Parenting™)

Take a walk with me as I share the rich and empowering history of Emotional Social Parenting™. Our walk begins: