Go Outdoors!


Question: With COVID, my kids have spent most of their time indoors, and I’m worried they don’t get enough exercise.

Answer:  Go outside and play with them. It’s good for you too.

Take them outside. I understand that you may not have that option available to you. If you can’t go out, put on a kids’ dance video and “shake it.” Your kids want you to invest time with them and be active. The other morning I was on the phone with my daughter, and all the grandkids were outside. But not for long. It was less than 5 minutes before they were all back inside with various excuses for why they “needed Mom” to go outside and play with them. I should add the backyard/play area is fenced in and visible from the house.

Play with them. It is good for you as well as your kids. I’m always amazed at how much energy it takes to keep up with an active toddler. If you don’t have a yard or play area, take a family walk together or go to the park. If your kids are old enough to ride a bike, go on a bike ride.