“I really enjoyed Giggles in My Heart. Especially the augmented reality/little video partway through. I thought the rhymes were fun, and the illustrations were excellent.”


Amanda, Caribbean

“I remember when I was a young child and was afraid of the “monster” that lived under my bed. I would stand up on my bed and jump as far as I could so it wouldn’t catch me when I got up in the night. I wish this book had been available to my Mom so she could have read it to me. If you have a fearful child, this just may be the book that will help him/her. I give it 10 stars.”

Lynette, Oregon

“Giggles in my Heart is a most wonderous book. The wise, comforting words and the incredible artwork elevates it to higher plane. This book is a priceless gift that all children everywhere in the world should be given. Please, give it to your child and to every child within your circle. Read it to them over and over again. Let the words sink firmly into their minds and hearts. Not only has the monster been vanquished, but they now know they have the power to create their own life by the thoughts they choose.”

S. F., Canada

“Such a wonderful and timely book! I love its simplicity (yet depth) and inspiration. The illustrations are fabulous! I ordered one book for myself as well as several more for friends. I can’t wait to share this sweet and inspiring story with my granddaughter! This is such a precious book of love and perspective for these times!”

Matt, New York

“My four-year-old granddaughter loves “Giggles in my Heart.” She had Mommy read it to her twice right off. A big fan of monsters, little Haven loved to see how the monster lost his power. Yay for a book that will lessen any child’s fear of what they don’t understand!”

Joanne, Texas

“What a delightful story about a little girl learning the power of her mind and how she can always tame her fears. It’s a great book to begin the powerful teachings of acknowledging your emotions and helping to channel them in a positive way. Joanette Weisse very beautifully tells this in a cute captivating tale that will appeal to boys and girls alike. This will be a part of my baby shower gifts going forward.”

Megan, New York

“Giggles in my Heart is an endearing story about overcoming fears of the unknown. We especially loved the Augmented Reality that accompanies the book. It brings the story to life! My kids really enjoy Storytime at HartsLight Kids and look forward to the next story.”

S. B., Canada

“Were you the sort of child who thought monsters lived under your bed?  I was!  Dr. Joanette tells the simple, relatable tale of a child who manages to banish the demon under her bed with happy thoughts and a light wand! She realizes that the monsters are a figment of her imagination and that with positive thinking, they are easily diminished. Lovely cartoon-like illustrations complete with emojis and the clever use of augmented reality make this a fun read about an everyday problem.”

Philippa, United Kingdom

Published Works

I wrote the Giggles in my Heart series to teach children about their different emotions and feelings while providing a framework for parents to engage their children to identify and normalize their emotions and feelings. These books teach important concepts such as embracing our big emotions rather than resisting them, thereby creating the social courage that comes with knowing oneself.  Change your thoughts, change your life.

About the Giggles in my Heart Book Series

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Giggles in my Heart

The first book of the ESP – Giggles in my Heart – series packs a lot of wisdom into this upbeat and poetic story about overcoming fear by understanding our thoughts and emotions.  What seems like a monster at first turns out to be something far less scary when brought into the light.  A little love and a few giggles show readers that we can all learn to engage our emotions more constructively. Enjoy the beginning of the journey.

Little No Horn and Shae

The second book of the ESP – Giggles in my Heart – series follows the adventures of Little No Horn and Shae in this story of adventure, which teaches the importance of believing in yourself, caring for others, being generous, and loving.

The reader gets to ride alongside Little No Horn, a special unicorn who bravely travels to a faraway land “on a strong wish and belief” of a little girl. In so doing, he brings joy to a little girl’s life. Even though he is scared, he knows in his heart that he must go because someone needs him. He arrives just in time for Christmas to give Shae a truly magical and meaningful gift.

Little No Horn and Shae
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Order from Amazon

The Gift

In this continuation of the ESP – Giggles in my Heart – series, what first appears to be a big disappointment for Shae soon becomes one of her life’s happiest moments! With great anticipation, she unwraps a shimmering box on Christmas morning only to find a toy unicorn instead of the real horse she desperately wanted.

Shae never gives up on her dream of a real horse as Little No Horn struggles to show Shae that he’s “as real as real can be.” Finally, her dream comes true when she makes a wish that brings him to life! He brings a rainbow of colors and light to Shae’s life and, of course, giggles to her heart.


Little No Horn and Shae