How to Book Dr. Joanette

 Invite Dr. Joanette for an in-person or virtual reading
of two books from the Giggles in my Heart series.

Dr. Joanette gets kids involved in a story time reading from her books!
They’ll move, act, sing and dance while they learn about emotions.

To book a visit contact Dr. Joanette at

What Does a Visit From Dr. Joanette Includes?

  • Interactive Story Time      
  • Pre-K – 2nd grade
  • 25-30 minutes


Virtual visit $850

In-Person Author Visit $1,500

Includes visit to 3 classrooms & lunchtime book signing

Dr. Joanette is an award-winning physician and grandmother of five.

She is the international best-selling author of the children’s series Giggles in my Heart.

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