Temper Tantrums


Question:  My two-year-old frequently melts down with a temper tantrum, and I don’t know what to do.

Answer:  Prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Now I am sure you also want to know how to cash in on that pound of cure. The best cure for temper tantrums is to understand the most common reasons kids meltdown and do what you can to remove these reasons.

Here are the most common ones:  Your toddler is…

  • Feeling Frustrated
  • Wanting attention.
  • Wanting something (such as a treat or toy).
  • Want to avoid doing something (such as picking up their toys or leaving the park).
  • Hungry
  • Tired

You won’t be able to prevent all temper tantrums. Temper tantrums are one of the ways that kids communicate and are a natural part of maturing.  However, you can take steps to reduce the number and frequency of their temper tantrums. Here are some ideas:

  • Give them choices within reason. Make sure you are ok with both options, though.
  • Prepare them for changes in activities. Transitions are difficult for toddlers, so communicate ahead of time and prepare your toddler for transitions such as leaving the house or the playground.
  • Sleep and food.  Make sure your child has good nutrition, enough to eat, and gets enough sleep. Rest is how your toddler keeps their brain healthy, functioning, and growing. Without sufficient sleep, our ability to understand and manage our emotions is depleted.