Tia Russel Bravo Coloring Page

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Bravo The Brave Butterfly coloring page is based on the amazon bestselling children’s book of the same name.  Ms. La Tia Russell co-authored the book with her husband and their 4-year-old son.  LaTia has a B.A in Psychology  she is a wife, mother, licensed clinical social worker, certified grief recovery specialist, co-captain of a multi-generational household, and a 2x amazon bestselling author

‘Bravo the Brave Butterfly’ by LaTia N. S. Russell, William Russell III, and William K. C. Russell, is a beautifully illustrated children’s book about bravery. It follows the story of Bravo who wanders away from his parents and ends up getting separated from his family. Laced with several lessons, the story ultimately sends the message that no matter the odds or obstacles one is faced with, it pays to be brave, resilient, and stick it out!