You Inspire Me


Hi, I’m Dr. Joanette, MD, a Grandma, a Mom, and an ER Doctor. I am writing this to you because you inspired me to share my knowledge and passion for helping families build a better way of being. At the beginning of the Pandemic, my granddaughter listened to me talk about the COVID virus and asked the heart-wrenching question. “Dr. Grammy, are you going to die of the COVID virus.” I am an ER Doctor in New York and on the frontlines taking care of very sick COVID patients. Her fears were real, and I wanted to find a way to reassure her and all the kids that are fearful and afraid for their family, friends, and future.

I was inspired to write a book for my granddaughter, Giggles in my Heart, to teach her how not to be afraid. After I wrote that first book, I realized there are many BIG emotions, feelings, and concepts that kids and sometimes parents need help understanding. Not just the fear. I am writing The Giggles in my Heart series to teach us how to handle our emotions and feelings better.

After I wrote the first few books in the series, I realized families want and need additional resources and information that they can use to create a nurturing parenting environment for their family.

Practical information that they can print out and use when they need it. Information that may help teach their children the skills they need to build a bright future and successful life. I utilized my medical training and 12 years in a Pediatric ER, treating, taking care of, and interacting with children ages birth to 18 years of age. The children and their parents were often in crisis, both medical and emotional, giving me numerous opportunities to observe, practice, and model social-emotional skills. I’ve utilized this training and knowledge to develop some excellent tools to help families thrive and succeed.

I am continuing to develop additional materials and resources for you and your kiddos. I’m inviting you to follow my blog, where you can stay up to date. Though I am a physician for my patients, please remember I may not be your physician. Therefore, please be sure to review all the information my team and I provide you with an educational and informational lens only. Always consult with your health care providers for your children’s specific and unique needs.